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Pet Fire Safety Video

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Our Mission

The mission of the Community Kokua Foundation for Fire Safety and Recovery, is to “equip the larger community with the tools it needs to prevent fires and restore lives devastated by fire, including education, advocacy, and public/private partnerships.”

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The Eddy Project for Pet Fire Safety

The first step for the Eddy Project for Pet Fire Safety is an awareness campaign, to be formally launched on July 15, which is the nationally recognized date for pet fire safety awareness.

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Please help us and support our community by donating to our foundation. Funds will go towards education, support, and advocacy.

A Message from the Board President

Philip Reller

The 2017 Marco Polo tragedy left me with both a moral and spiritual conviction that something good had to be created in response to the devastation of that day. As a result of the contributions of many amazing people, that “something good” is starting to happen in the establishment of the Community Kokua Foundation for Fire Safety and Recovery and its first initiative, “the Eddy Project.” As you explore this website, I believe that you will be as impressed as I was at the range of experience and commitment represented in the Foundation board and in the ambitiousness of its future initiatives.

I hope that you will be inspired to get involved yourself.  The Community Kokua Foundation is, first and foremost, an organization that is by, of, and for the community. It exists to serve the community and its existence depends on the willingness of the community to participate in the fulfillment of its mission: “To equip the larger community through the tools of education, advocacy, and partnership to prevent fires and restore lives devastated by fire.”

Much of my own healing from that terrible day is the result of the kokua extended to me and my family by so many of you, in this wonderful and loving community. I am humbled by the opportunity to give back even a small portion of the love that we received.

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