Pet Fire Safety - Community Kokua Foundation
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Pet Fire Safety

Plannning for Pet Fire Safety

  1. FIRE SAFETY PLANS – Family fire safety plans should include a strategy for the safe evacuation of pets.
  2. FIRE DRILLS – When you conduct a family fire drill, include your pets so it becomes routine for you and your household to look for and evacuate pets in the event of a fire. 
  3. PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS – In case you cannot return to your home right away, make prior arrangements with a friend or family member to shelter your pets on a temporary basis. Make sure your pets are familiar with that person.
  4. SPARE LEASHES – Keep a spare leash near your exit doors so you can easily take your pet or pets with you in the event you need to evacuate your home. 
  5. ID TAGS AND MICROCHIPS – Your pet should always wear a collar with current ID tags. It is also essential to microchip your pets and keep your contact information current.
  6. WINDOW/DOOR PET STICKERS – Attach a sticker to windows and doors to give notice that pets are present and may need evacuation if it can be done without jeopardizing first responders. Keep the number and types of pets that live in your home updated on your exit/entry sticker.